Life Inside The Dockyard

Keraniganj Dock Yard in Dhaka on the bank of the river Buriganga where labours work to repair old rusting ships, and build new ships as well.

These dockyards are operating  under individual management , most of the dockyards are private. They use plate, engine, component and machinery of old merchant ship  which collect from Bhatiary ship break yards in Chittagong.

Worker work to both break down massive shipping vessels as well as create new ships from the parts. Workers can be seen torches and welding equipment to tears huge pieces of metal from the vessels, sans eye, hand, or face protection. Other workers will be found scaling the tall ships on ramshackle ladders or strolling along the high edges of the ship decks, the only thing to keep them from falling is their own balance. Men work on a ship while siting on a plank of wood suspended from the deck . Injuries are common on the site, clearly a work site that is dangerous to its employees.

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